Black Lives Matter: Voices from Philadelphia

The 2020 SVA FMF honors racial justice and Black Lives Matter movements by amplifying the voices of people of color who are producing community media driving conversation, protest, and change. This year, alongside our regular festival media, we are featuring some recent video and audio produced by members of PhillyCAM, Philadelphia’s public community media center, which brings together the people of Philadelphia to make and share media that promotes creative expression, democratic values and civic participation. More at


Presente Media

Latinx groups join march against systemic racism in Philadelphia


PhillyCAM Voices

“Trans Media Inclusivity,” July 2020; Youth-produced



A short documentary about how Covid-19 has impacted young Philadelphia artists and how many have continued evolving as creators throughout the pandemic.


TV Courtroom (Episode 43, 2020)

An engaging legal talk show breaking down current legal issues on the topic of 161st anniversary of the worst slave auction in American history with ties to Philly, which took place in March, 1859


PPLH: Honoring the Move 9

In honor of Black History Month, Delbert and Janine Africa from the MOVE 9 join the show to discuss their fight for freedom with the MOVE organization. Hosted by Vanessa Maria Graber.


Drop the Mic

A compilation of poetry from students at Community College of Philadelphia


Hear Us Out

PhillyCAM’s youth radio show



Conversation with Philadelphia Poet Laureate Trapeta B. Mayson (2020-2021)about the role of the Laureate in promoting the love of poetry in the city and its communities


People Power Lunch Hour

Understanding the call to #defundthepolice